Saturday, December 15, 2007

Florida Insurance

Hello, my name is Stu. Today my gripe is with Insurance companies.
I have a dog and I live in Florida. My home owners insurance WILL NOT cover him as he is on the BAD dog list. He is a German Shepard. So we go without coverage on him with our policy. This German Shepard is the kindest, loveable sweetest dog you are ever met but he is on the BAD dog list. Isn’t that profiling?
If there were a history of bad behavior I might understand this policy. Our yard is even fenced. Several times the gate was left open and he never left his yard.
My other dog is a Shih-Tzu and not on the BAD dog list, although he should be. He will bite you in a second if given the chance.
Why are the insurance companies being specific dog unfriendly? Actually in Florida they are also people unfriendly. And they target everyone regardless of who, where or what they are.
In North Carolina we had insurance coverage for our dog. In New York we had insurance coverage for our dog. Florida insurance – home owners (the absolute worst), car insurance (a joke), and health insurance (pathetic) I wish I could be a lobbyist for the people!

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